Google Blink Browser Engine : Review and Working Tips & Tricks

We all know that internet browsers are very helpful in surfing. And browser engine helps browser with which, we access internet. First browser was world wide but later its names was changed to nexus to avoid confusions. These browsers only does text processing, and convert it into visual representation. Today we use many web browsers like mozilla, google chrome, opera mini, safari etc. I personally use Google chrome as it is lightning fast web browser, and its reliable interface makes it easy for accessing the internet.

There are generally two parts of the webpages- content, chrome (not google chrome). Content is the internal stuff in a webpage while chrome is something that is common in every browsers like reload button, menu bars etc. Content is something that keeps on changing. For ex- text, image, plugins etc. And besides every of these operation, there is browser engine. Collection of content is also done with the help of browser engine. It is already built-in all the browsers. It fetches docs, images and other contents from the server and visualizes in front of the user.

How blink browser engine Works:

Engine generically involves HTML and CSS. Latest version of HTML is HTML5 and CSS is CSS3. These HTML and CSS after fetching content uses HTML and CSS parser. Parser is used to convert a document into structure which is read by engines. Translated HTML and CSS document are used for making render tree. Render tree plays very important role in working of browser engines. Engine works on render tree and it paints the page contents. First of all it pains background, then images and further outlines.

In the upcoming days, “what rumour is”-Google is going to use blink engines instead of webkit. Moreover, google continuously changes its algorithms and programs. Using blink browser engine can even help in increasing the speed of surfing.