How to run two Whatsapp account on one phone

parallel space
Parallel Space
Parellel space is an android app that enables us to run multiple accounts of any app like Whatsapp,Instagram or any other game like clash of clan etc. 
Note:- No rooting is required for using this app.

In order to run multiple accounts of whatsapp or any other app you just need to download this 2MB app and follow these steps.
1. Download this app from Google play store here.
2. Now click on + icon to add an app for which you want to enable multiple account.
3. Now select Whatsapp from the list, you can add other apps also for running that app with multiple accounts.

3. Now setup your account with new account informations.

4. That’s it, you have successfully added new WhatsApp account on the same device.
Similarly, you can add multiple accounts of messenger, facebook, instagram, hike messenger, snapchat, clash of clans or any other app.