Teen Patti Octro : Unlimited Tricks|Cheats|Chips [100% Working]

Hey there, we are here to reflect some of the tricks of a most played online game Teen Patti by Octro. There are most of the hacked versions rumoured around the web but aren’t working due to online server synchronization of the game. But no need to worry more, you can still learn most of the teen patti(3 patti) tips and tricks here in this post.

First of all you’ll need to learn all the rules of Teen Patti Octro and How it works. Some of the Rules are listed below:

What is Teen Patti-Indian Poker by Octro?

Teen Patti is an online multiplayer game which has now become most of the trending card game. This game includes just three cards which are being distributed among all the players playing on a table. And then players bet chips on the basis of thier card ranking. Winning a hand depends upon the cards you get and moves that you play.

Ranking of the cards from high to low is :

  • Trail or set (three cards of same rank)
  • Straight Flush(Pure sequence or run)
  • Straight(Sequence e.g., 789, A23 etc)
  • Color(Flush)
  • Pair(Two cards of same rank)
  • High rank Card

Features of Teen Patti Octro:

  • You can play with bots (computer) and with your facebook friends anywhere in the world.
  • Easy and refreshing interface to play the moves like Blind, Chaal and Show.
  • You can play in public room or in a private room or table where you can invite your friend and can bet per point.
  • In Teen Patti game you will either win or lose chips. The chips has no real value.
  • The game does not involve real gambling.
  • It is completely free.
  • If you lose all your chips, you can buy more chips to play for longer period.
  •  There are various modes of game play like Variations, Tournaments. In which you can win more chips by participating across various events.
  • Live-in game chats and exchange gifts.
  • Stunning interface and variety of dealers dealing on the table.

Trick to win unlimited chips or get good cards in Teen Patti Octro

Teen Patti involves distribution of three cards among all the players on the table as we learned earlier. Now there is a trick around to get nice cards or trick to get good cards and win the game.


  1. First of all if you had installed the latest version of the game, then you’ll need to uninstall that version.
  2. After uninstalling, download an older version of Teen patti by Octro by clicking here.
  3. Now install the version of the Teen Patti Octro you downloaded and Open it.
  4. You will be asked to sign into the game with facebook or as a guest. I suggest you to sign in with facebook as it can help you play across variety of platforms by just signing in through Facebook.
  5. You are in now, and likely to see game menus like Play Now, Private Table etc.
  6. Just click on Play now and you will now be joined in a new table. Now click on dealer and you are likely to observe a screen like below:Teen-Patti-unlimited-chips
  7. Check the name of the dealer and notice if time is more than 20 minutes and less than 1hr 30min. Here in the image above it is 51 minutes ago, that is what it is needed.
  8. If it is so, now just stand up and check the most winning chips player or crowned one.
  9. See where the crowned player is sitting on the table and go back to lobby.
  10. Again click on play now, and join a new table. Now stand up and check whether a place is empty that you checked in step-9 teen-patti-hack
  11. If the place is empty then Sit on that place where the most winning chips player was sitting. And change the dealer to that one which was dealing on that table where you checked the crowned player.
  12. Thats it. Now you will observe and you will definitely get best cards and win unlimited chips.
  13. Further if you start getting low ranked cards, you may leave the table as the dealer can start giving you annoying cards. Again you can always repeat above steps and start getting highly ranked cards.Teen-patti-unlimited-chips

As we all know every game is build with the help of programming and there might be any coding combination between this working Trick and the game. Giving too much tips to the dealer is not always good, you may just give it at the beginning or end of the game.

This is all about the working trick of teen patti by octro, enjoy the game winning most of the hands. And dont be jealous of your friend winning more chips, so share this trick with them also. If you are facing any problem implementing this trick, let us know in the comments section below.

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